Don't Treat Me Like An Animal When All of this is Flammable

My GOD! This video is extremely graphic, disturbing, infuriating and painful. It wasn't the shots that broke me down, but the woman screaming.

Yo, I sold CDs my entire Sr. Year of high school. My boy Jeffrey Corbin sold CDs in high school. Bruh, a man is dead, murdered in cold blood for selling CDs.

That cop pulled his gun out and shot that man multiple times. Were there no other ways to subdue him? I'm praying for the people of Baton Rouge, I'm praying for us. I'm praying that city isn't on fire tonight or tomorrow. But is that what it takes for y'all to listen? Is that what it takes for y'all to stop killing us?

People ask us why we burn down our neighborhoods, but (1) we don't own much if any of that and (2) what do you think that rage turns into? You don't get to keep slapping the lion, he will eventually bite your hand off. I'm not advocating for violence, I'm telling you it's only a matter of time.