Honest and Unfiltered Advice From a Black Man to Black Boys

I was talking to some young folks in Chicago early Monday and I was talking about living there when I was younger. None of them had even been outside of their suburb. That means there are thousands of kids living in Chicago that have never even seen how beautiful their city is.

They asked me for advice. It was simple, I said you'll need a little opportunity and a lot of hard work. They saw a suit and some pictures in Paris. They didn't see me up at 3:30am (like I am right now writing this) studying and reading the same thing over and over and over because it takes me a while to get it. They don't see the sacrifices or hear the phone calls where you're telling everyone no because you gotta get to greatness. They don't see the arguments with colleagues and mentors about the lie that I call patience.

But I told them. I told them folks will tell them to be patient and they need to know that patience ain't a luxury we can afford, especially when you live in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Philly or any other place where Black folks are getting their heads blown off.

Little Bruh, you don't have to be the smartest, or the quickest, or the richest, but you gotta be ready to outwork, outrun and smash whatever competition or barrier in front of you in the mouth over and over again.

Sometimes it takes something ugly, painful, lonely, aggressive and uncertain to birth the most beautiful life you or anyone you've ever grown up with to experience.

It's 3:30am on a Saturday and I'll be working until about 10pm tonight. That grind don't stop. One. ✊🏾

#BeAnEnergyConvertor #DoWork