Ep. 32 Hustling, Brotherhood & Bickering

First off, iTunes is on drugs right now and I'm not sure why it's not updating there but here is the latest episode. 

So I've been away trying to become a somebody in these streets so I can report it to y'all so I've been busy. But I'm back now and I brought my brother Will back for an encore performance. The last episode he was on got a huge reception. He seemed to have left a mark on folks. 

Well, he's on here and we go back and forth A LOT. You get to hear us argue like we're 15 again. We start out talking about hustling and how we both like to grind and then that quickly turned into an argument between us because I don't really want a family and that's the route he took -- it's basically our dinner conversation once a month. 

Enjoy a very personal and intimate look into how we both operate. 

#BeAnEnergyConvertor #DoWork

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